Jay Ganji, MD, FACC and Associates


Doctor shows the patient the ECG recording of the electrical activity of the heart

Electrocardiograph-monitored treadmill tests are performed on the third floor of our Greensboro office.  These tests are used for several diagnostic purposes, including exercise tolerance, detection of CAD (coronary artery disease) and evaluation of patient condition following a heart attack.

A Treadmill Stress Test records the heart’s electrical activity during exercise.  Electrodes will be placed on the chest just as done in an EKG.  The patient will be asked to walk on the motorized treadmill.  The speed and incline of the treadmill will be gradually increaded.

A Treadmill Stress Test requires comfortable clothing and walking shoes.  A special instruction sheet is given at the time appointments are made.  A Treadmill Stress Test may be scheduled Monday through Friday.