Jay Ganji, MD, FACC and Associates

Nuclear Cardiac Imaging

3D illustration of Heart – Part of Human Organic.

Cardiolite imaging with treadmill exercising and/or medication stress exams are performed on the second floor of our Greensboro office.  This test is often called a heart scan.  If the arteries to the heart are blocked due to accumulation of fatty materials, the heart may not receive enough blood under stress (exercise).  This may cause angina or chest pain.  The narrowing of the arteries is called CAD (coronary artery disease).  Sometimes there may be no physical signs of the disease.

A physician may order a Cardiolite scan if the patient has chronic chest pain or angina, may have recently experienced a heart attack, or is having surgery in the future.

A special nuclear camera takes pictures of the heart both at rest and after exercising.  This is called imaging.  Imaging allows the physician to compare the amount of blood flowing through the heart muscle during stress (exercise) and at rest.  A special instruction sheet is given at the time appointments are made.  The patient should plan to be in our office 3 to 3 1/2 hours.  A Cardiolite may be scheduled Monday through Friday.